Applejack Brandy
Starlight Distillery

Applejack Brandy

83 Proof

Apple brandy was one of the first distilled spirits by European colonists in North America. At Starlight Distillery we continue the tradition by pressing fresh estate grown apples that are fermented and distilled on the Huber estate using our 80- gallon copper pot still. The Applejack brandy is then allowed to reach maturity while aging in new charred American oak barrels. Apple aromas mingle with caramel and spicy oak. An easy sipper neat or on the rocks. Balanced, lending itself to an extraordinary craft cocktail.

Tasting Notes


Starts off with raisins, caramel butterscotch and french vanilla that is soft and sweet in the mid palate, with hints of french vanilla, spiced apples with sweet toasted oak.


Dark amber.


Rich notes of caramel, dried apples and summer fruits.


Long, warm with rich baking spices and floral notes.


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